Integrated power supply for your business. Changing your power supplier is easy!
You need ‘EnergoContract’ if: [ Learn more ]

  • You want to receive electric power on flexible payment terms
  • You are tired of solving operational and organizational power supply issues by yourself
  • You need consulting support and legal assistance in solving energy related problems
 energo_konsult_175 Free consulting. Power supply problems will not remain unsolved
You need EnergoConsultant if: [ Learn more ]

  • You want to keep up with the energy industry in your area
  • You need to connect a facility to the power grid
  • You want to change your energy supplier
  • You want to learn about your opportunities on the energy market
 energo_advocat_175 Representation of your interests in dealing with energy companies
You need EnergoAdvokat if: [ Learn more ]

  • You have disputes with market participants
  • You suffer losses because of power outages
  • Power or grid company’s requirements and claims seem unlawful
 uchet_eng_175px Power management tools for your business. An automated metering system means- your energy spending is under control
You need EnergoUchet if: [ Learn more ]

  • You want to save the time and effort of collecting and processing data from metering equipment
  • You are planning to switch to the 3-6 price category
  • You need to conform to legal requirements
  • You are planning to enter the wholesale market