We install and program metering devices, read metering device profiles, develop automated electricity metering systems for the retail and wholesale electricity market.

Energomart can develop automated electricity metering systems on any difficulty level.

Automated systems for commercial accounting consist of metering devices of varying accuracy depending on the needs of your business. Switching equipment connects the devices and software allows the collection and processing of data from the metering devices.

In the current power industry, commercial metering systems have become something indispensable enabling businesses to:

  • automate the process of collection, processing and presentation of data for billing in the required formats;
  • manage their consumption and reduce the cost of electricity;
  • enter the wholesale energy market;
  • comply with legal requirements for facilities with a maximum capacity of no less than 670 kW;

Owners and managers of small and mid-sized businesses on the retail energy market, have questions about ASCAPC (Automatic System for Commercial Accounting of Power Consumption).

  • Why does the ASCAPC not always provide the savings in energy costs promised by its developers?
  • Does having an ASCAPC guarantee lower energy costs?
  • Will the installation of the ASCAPC be profitable for my company?

There is a legally obligated category of businesses required to have hourly metering:

  1. Companies which are going to work in the wholesale electricity market
  2. Companies with a maximum capacity of no less than 670 kW

These clients are obligated to have an ASCAPC or AIMS CEM. However the installation of such systems can be profitable for companies not obligated to have them. If you are a business with a maximum capacity of less than 670 kW, you need an economic reason to install an ASCAPC.


Development of automated metering systems (ASCAPC/ AIMS CEM) for the retail or wholesale energy market.

Energomart will develop and create an automatic system for commercial power metering. The system’s cost will depend on its structure, as well as its functional capabilities. To calculate the cost of your system, please complete the questionnaire.

ASCAPC for the retail energy market with service

Energomart will collect your meter data, generate the necessary reports and documents and present them to your regional supplier.

What’s included in this service package*:

System design, installation or replacement of metering devices**
To calculate the cost, please complete the questionnaire
Automatic data collection from the metering devices by connecting them to Energomart’s server, Online access to data in your personal account
A monthly fee
Collection of the required documents for the supplier
A monthly fee

* For Energomart clients all services, within the "Energocontract” package are free. Learn more (link to Energocontract)

** If metering devices are installed at the expense of the Energomart Group, they are owned by the company until they are bought out by the client (when they are fully returned by contract or the balance is paid).

Modernization or modification of existing automatic systems (ASCAPC) to meet the supplier’s requirements for use on the retail market.

You already have an automatic system installed along with metering devices, but they don’t meet the latest requirements?

Energomart will prepare an upgrade project for your existing system. We will take into account the equipment that is already installed and all the legal and supplier invoked requirements. The result will be a fully functional automatic system, ready to operate on the modern electricity and power market.

Need to calculate the cost of your system? Complete and send us the questionnaire. Within 2 days our experts will contact you. – Complete the questionnaire

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