We created a power supply service for small and mid-sized businesses. We have studied the needs of our clients and developed products to meet them. The process of buying and using electricity has become simple and convenient..


Energomart is a National Power Sales Company

Electric power is an integral component of any business, whether its agriculture, manufacturing or retail. It would seem that the sales of electricity would be similar to any other similar service, but until recently the quality of this service has been less than desirable. Often the purchase of electricity becomes a real headache for businesses, and electricity costs are a significant part of their expenses.

Power industry reform has not improved the situation. Terms of purchase and the calculation of electricity costs change every year. These continuous changes create a situation of uncertainty, which to a great extent affects ordinary consumers.

There are however some positive aspects. The main improvement brought on by energy reform was the right to choose your own energy supplier. This is confirmed by the law “On Electric Power” No. 35-FZ of 26.03.2003. Despite the fact that such a possibility had been regulated for a long time, the actual execution mechanism appeared only in 2012 after the “Basic principles of functioning of retail electric power markets” was published. (RF Government Decree No. 442 of 04.05.2012).

The field is open but unfortunately the choice is not very great, because few power supply companies can provide high-quality and convenient service. As experience has shown the consumer still has to wade through many legal provisions and bureaucratic procedures to start operating.

To fill this void in the industry, in 2011 a group of energy experts formed a company called Energomart. Our company operates on unique principles - we offer electric power and we help our clients to understand the intricacies of legislation and administration. We are very familiar with the problems customers have, and for that reason we offer them the best solutions in advance. Our main goal is to offer high-quality power supply service to small and mid-sized businesses.

We are interested in the power market.
Energomart is a professional participant in the energy industry. Our staff has extensive practical experience in this field.

We understand consumers' problems and know how to
solve them.
Energomart develops convenient solution packages.

We have perfected the
technology of energy supply.
Energomart saves its clients time and money.

We can represent your interests in all the regions of Russia.
Energomart - one supplier for all regional representatives.

Energomart is already present in 42 regions of the Russian Federation:

Astrakhan region
Nizhny Novgorod region
Yaroslavl region
The Republic of Mariy El
Tula region
Kirov region
Leningrad region
Lipetsk region
Sverdlovsk region
Volgograd region
Vologda region
Orenburg region
Samara region
Saratov region
Krasnodar Territory
Kurgan region
Novgorod region
Murmansk region
Pskov region
The Republic of Adygea

Moscow region
The Republic of Bashkortostan
The Republic of Kalmykia
The Republic of Karelia
Chelyabinsk region
Perm Territory
Penza region
Smolensk region
Stavropol territory
Tyumen region
Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous district
Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District
The Republic of Udmurtia
The Republic of Tatarstan
Rostov region
Voronezh region
The Republic of Mordovia
The Republic of Chuvashia
Tambov region
Tver region

We have sales offices in:
Nizhny Novgorod,

We have also opened an office in Ekaterinburg

Offices in other cities are being opened.


Ponomaryov Fyodor
General Director

Kirillov Roman
Executive Director

Gardin Alexander
Director of Energy Sales

Korovkina Elena
Marketing Director