How often do you encounter problems with your power supply?

  • Fixed payment terms, and the threat of disconnection
  • Undesirable contract conditions for power purchase from your supplier
  • Difficult relations with the supplier’s representatives

Until recently small and medium-sized businesses did not have many options. Large corporations have power departments, while the owners and managers of small and medium-sized businesses have to solve energy problems on their own.
Developments in the modern energy market offer businesses new opportunities.

Developments in the modern energy market offer businesses new opportunities.

There is a choice!

1. Your right to choose is guaranteed by law.

Today every power consumer has the right to freely choose their supplier and the conditions of their contract. (Article 421 of the Russian Federation Civil Code establishes "freedom of contract" for citizens and legal entities, Art. 37 of the Law "On Electric Power» No. 35-FZ 26.03.2003).

2. The process of buying power can be simple and convenient.

We are all accustomed to such services as office water delivery or corporate cellular plans. Using these services does not require a lot of time or resources. You simply choose your own conditions, and use the service.
Today, power supply services are similar to any other service. They have their own criteria for quality; from the quality of the electricity to the efficiency of how it is supplied.

Do you want to make the process of purchasing and using electricity simple and convenient?

We’ll organize power supply for businesses on the retail power market the most efficient and convenient way possible. Our payment plans were created to meet the needs of the modern business, and are targeted at solving existing problems and issues.

  • One contract will save you from piles of paperwork and won’t interfere in your workflow
  • A fixed price for the year ahead will resolve budgeting and pricing issues
  • Timely invoicing will solve accounting issues and tax related problems

We make the power supply process transparent and simple. You choose a convenient rate and get uninterrupted power to all of your facilities, regardless of their location.

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How to connect?

  • You sign one power contract with Energomart;
  • We prepare and negotiate the missing documentation (single-line systems, acts of boundary balance demarcation);
  • We prepare and sign the documents required for interactions with the guaranteed supplier;
  • We replace metering devices and oversee their approval by the grid operator. Replacing a metering device is possible two ways: first at the expense of the client - in this case the metering devices are owned by the client and second at the expense of Energomart - the metering devices are owned by the power supply company. All metering devices get connected to Energomart’s ASCAPC (Automatic System for Commercial Accounting of Power Consumption). The client gets access to their company’s data. Learn more
  • We manage the workflow:  meter readings collection, consumption agreements with the supplier, we provide invoices and other documents.
  • We offer consultation on everything related to power supply contracts and the transition from one supplier to another. Learn more

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