We consult on: power supply contracts, connection to power grids, optimal pricing and payment solutions, preparation of documents for supply contracts, and other issues relating to the energy industry.

Energomart offers a wide range of services aimed at supporting our clients in power supply related issues.

  • Have questions about entering and working on the wholesale electricity market?
  • Want to be more effective on the retail power market?
  • Need to prepare the documentation for a power company or grid operator?
  • You want to keep up with the energy industry in your area?
  • You want to connect a facility to the power grid?
  • You want to change your energy supplier?

We will help you get through these and many other phases. We know everything about the energy market. The experience and expertise of our specialists will allow you to find a solution to your "energy" problems in the shortest time possible with excellent results.

We provide advice addressing both individual issues and service packages. You can always choose the services that interest you specifically.

Service packages

The feasibility of entering the wholesale market

Consultation is free of charge:

  • We calculate the economic basis for entering the wholesale market
  • We will consult on the creation of an automatic metering system
  • We will answer your questions about the wholesale and retail energy markets

Power Supply.* We offer a range consulting services regarding power supply contracts. Services are provided separately or as a service package.


A supply contract with Energomart.

A supply contract with other power companies.

Consultation on the creation of an automatic metering system
free of charge
free of charge
Preparation of documents for a power supply contract
free of charge
price is negotiable
Development and coordination of single-line power supply systems
free of charge
price is negotiable
Arrangement and coordination of acts of demarcation of boundaries of balance and operational responsibility
free of charge
price is negotiable

*For clients choosing the "Energocontract" service package, all services of the "Power Supply" package are free.

Grid connection

We offer a range of consulting services on power grid contracts. Services are provided separately or as part of a service package.



Determining the authority in charge of the power grid to be connected to

price is negotiable

Comparative analysis of grid connection options from different grid companies, when possible

price is negotiable

Preliminary assessment of the cost of the connection contract

price is negotiable

Consulting on the documentation required for the preparation and submission of a grid connection application

price is negotiable

Assistance in preparing your application for grid connection

price is negotiable

Analysis of the grid connection contract, offered by the grid company, for unfavorable conditions. Search for opportunities to improve the contract conditions.

price is negotiable

Preparation of an appeal to the authorities in the event of imposition of unfavorable conditions by the grid company or non-fulfillment of its obligations under contract.

price is negotiable

Grid connection - a ‘one stop shop’ process

We offer the whole range of grid connection procedures, from the submission of your application to the connection of your facility.

We will take initiative in all procedures required for the preparation and conclusion of grid connection and power supply contracts and we will make sure the grid company meets its deadlines and contractual obligations.
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Have questions? Want to find out more?

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